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Our Story

The Foundation for Christian Counseling is a faith-based mental health network of professional Christian counselors, local churches, and business and community leaders. We work at local, national, and international levels to advocate for those who fall through the gaps in the existing mental health systems. With the assistance of donor funding, we can identify those at risk of being excluded from the treatment they need and help them connect with affordable resources.

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Our Mission

To bring care and compassion for those who are lost, hurting, and isolated due to the combination of mental health and/or addiction issues and economic disadvantage.


Board of Directors

Rich Hoffman

Dr. Richard Hoffman

FFCC President
Alex Hoffman 800x800 1

Alex Hoffman

FFCC Vice President
Millie Lace 800x800 1

Millie Lace

Chair of COT Steering Committee
Wendell Davis

Wendell Davis

Chair of FFCC Steering Committee
David Collins 800x800 1

David Collins

Robert Zilhaver 800x800 1

Rev. Robert Zilhaver

Abby Hoffman 800x800 1

Abigail Hoffman

Young Adult Advisor

FFCC Steering Committee

Larry Morris

Larry Morris

FFCC Steering Committee Member
Larry Morris

Sarah Beatovich

FFCC Steering Committee Member
David Hanne 800x800

David Hanne

FFCC Steering Committee Member
Larry Morris

Barb Callahan

FFCC Steering Committee Member
Larry Morris

John Tirpak

FFCC Steering Committee Member

COT Steering Committee

Kay Lyn Carlson 800x800 1

Kay Lyn Carlson

Sherry Neuenschwander 800x800 1

Sherry Neuenschwander

Director/Int’l Trainer
Amy Campbell 800x800 1

Amy Campbell

Care Facilitator
Jessica E. Howell 800x800 1

Jessica E. Howell

School Program Coordinator
David Pendergrass

David Pendergrass

COT Steering Committee Member