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Life Affirming - Crisis Helpline

Our Crisis Call Center operates with a mission to affirm the dignity of life, family, and community. Call our helpline today!

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We Work Nationwide with Pregnancy Centers and Groups that Provide Crisis Care and Trauma Informed Abortion Recovery.

Our Crisis Helpline Provides:

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Helpline for Abortion Recovery

The Helpline is staffed by Trained Consultants who answer the phone 24/7. The helpline serves as a confidential safe place. You can call and talk with someone who is ready to listen to your story. Whether your experience of trauma occurred recently or years ago, we realize that having someone to talk with is a first step to healing.

Pregnancy Center Network Support

We intentionally work with pregnancy centers in high-risk communities to provide counseling and educational resources that will support mothers and families dealing with unplanned and unwanted pregnancies and those suffering from the impact of reproductive loss and sexual trauma.

Often pregnancy centers are overwhelmed with the needs of at-risk mothers and can be more effective with well-managed third-party mental health and addiction recovery resources for vulnerable mothers, youth, and families. Concepts of Truth fills the gap in the continuum of care with follow-up counseling for those in crisis that is accessible and affordable.

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Recovery and Prevention Programs

We work with groups that provide abortion recovery and sexual health education. Our proactive community recovery and prevention resources include:

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