Concepts of Truth International

United Nations Advocacy Program

Our voice reaches the global stage as we advocate as Concepts of Truth International at the United Nations. Concepts of Truth is a Registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is dedicated to collaborating with other member states and other NGOs to promote life-affirming values, providing training in trauma recovery and sexual health programs, and identifying and supporting high-risk communities both nationally and internationally.

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Family Life Advocacy Program - Liberia, West Africa

Liberia, as assessed by the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, is placed at 150th among 176 nations, indicating its status as one of the world’s most economically challenged countries. In this environment, countless children face the harsh reality of poverty. The country is marked by widespread family impoverishment and disintegration, leading to numerous children growing up without parental guidance. Moreover, despite the prevalent issues of mental health and addiction, there is a glaring absence of mental health support systems to aid these struggling families.

Concepts of Truth International is actively engaged in Liberia, forming robust collaborations with local church networks. Their mission is to establish community-based mental health frameworks and provide vital prevention resources. These efforts are geared towards supporting Liberia’s journey towards recovery and progress, particularly as the nation seeks to heal from the profound trauma inflicted by two decades of civil war.

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