"I am so thankful for grant support in a time where inflation is high, and many insurances don’t cover counseling services. If it had not been for the Foundation support, my family would not have been able to afford the help that we needed to get through a difficult season of our lives. Your investment is more than just a tax write-off or donation. It is the chance to bring reconciliation and restoration to families. It is the opportunity to heal brokenness and hurt. It is the blessing received in being the hands and feet of Jesus. Please consider making a difference so people who otherwise could not receive counseling; everyone living soul deserves help when they need it. Without the grant, I wouldn’t have been able to receive the counseling that I desperately needed. I am so thankful for this counseling as it helped me tremendously!"
Thank you so much!
"I called around town seeking counseling for my child and myself due to severe and traumatic circumstances we have faced in recent years. I searched for somewhere that took my insurance because I was nervous not having an income. At one point I received it in my spirit to search for faith-based counseling. When I first reached out to Christian Counseling Associates the woman on the phone explained me to they do not take my insurance. However, they do offer financial grants to individuals in need. That set my mind at ease! I am thankful this was offered to me right on time. I was able to get matched up with the right person for counseling while paying an affordable rate."
I appreciate you all.
"I have been a counselor with Christian Counseling Associates for over two years and have had the privilege to witness the phenomenal impact the foundation's resources have assisted my clients. A woman who at some point had a plan of suicide, was changed graciously to a person who valued her life; a couple on the verge of divorce, literally pulled the divorce papers on a Friday, when the divorce hearing was scheduled that Monday; a teenager unable to express her emotions or allow herself to feel them (one trapped as a 13 year old in 10 year old body), grew to be able to allow herself to have emotions and express them appropriately; and lastly an amazing young woman trapped by paralyzing fear, but is now being able to face the lies of the fears and begin to engage in community with freedom."
Amanda Ejimofor of Christian Counseling Associates
"The grants provided by the Foundation have been very helpful to my clients and others since I have worked as a counselor at Christian Counseling Associates. Many of my clients would not have been able to receive services, if they had not been helped financially by the FFCC. The initial help that they received allowed them to see the benefit of counseling. Some have continued counseling even after they no longer qualify for the grant because they value the work that they are doing in therapy."
Christine Miller of CCA

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