Concepts of Truth International Travels to China!

Millie Lace, Founder & Director of Concepts of Truth International recently had the opportunity to visit China June 16 – July 5, 2016. She visited Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhangjiajie, Jishou, Sangzhi and Sangzhou. Millie was the guest of Linxiang Zhu, PhD from Georgia. Linxiang is best friends with Ivy Meredith, a local Wynne resident and accompanying translator with Linxiang for Concepts of Truth’s recovery curriculum. Ivy & Linxiang translated Concepts of Recovery The Journey into Mandarin Chinese. The curriculum is now available on Amazon and Christian Book Distributors and addresses the grief after abortion with lessons and interventions for recovery. The curriculum was written by Concepts of Truth’s staff members.

“I never dreamed I would ever visit China,” says Millie Lace, Director. “The trip was an amazing opportunity to not only see the beautiful sites like The Southern Great Wall, but to build relationships with people on the other side of the world, live in their culture and promote awareness of Concepts of Truth’s resources.” I met teachers, doctors, social workers, and other professional community leaders. All were so kind, generous, and interested in our work, Lace said. “I got to speak at a local high school, a church, and also to the Focolare NGO community group in Hong Kong.” An NGO is a non-governmental organization accredited at the United Nations. Concepts of Truth International recently obtained NGO consultative status with the Economic & Social Council at the United Nations.

One meeting that was organized in Zhangjiajie, China was sponsored by a former English teacher and included Ivy and Linxiang’s former classmates. “After Linxiang and I spoke to the group, I was invited back next year with all expenses paid to speak to the Jishou University students. I was blown away,” Lace said. Lace said Concepts of Truth is planning on developing an internship program for their work at the United Nations and is hopeful that students from China, as well as the United States, will be able to participate. This past spring, Concepts of Truth presented at the annual Conference on the Status of Women at the United Nations in NY involving a youth panel and drama group. The youth presented on human trafficking, domestic violence, abortion consequences globally, education, and men’s roles in relationships. Representatives from 16 different countries attended the presentation.

“No doubt, we are expanding our borders at Concepts of Truth, says Lace. The basic dignity of the human person is a universal human right that touches people worldwide and we are thankful that we can serve in this capacity.”

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