Tina B. from Georgia, Helpline Staff

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Tina B.

Little did I know what would come from such an uneducated decision. I had just graduated high school and turned 18 when I found myself in an unexpected pregnancy. For several days I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. I would cry day after day not knowing what to do. Most of my family and friends said, “you’ve got your whole life ahead of you just get an abortion and it will be over.” Unfortunately, I made that trip to Atlanta and found myself on a cold table with the nurse holding my hand and telling me some of those same words “it will be over soon.”

Here I am over 35 years later, and my abortion has never been over. I tried putting it out of my mind, after all they told me it was just a blob of tissue, so why was I having such a hard time getting over it? For many years I suffered with anxiety, nightmares, and severe depression.

It wasn’t until I started attending church that I realized I needed healing & forgiveness for my choice of abortion. As my relationship with Christ grew, I accepted His forgiveness and learned that the hardest part was forgiving myself. I attended a post abortion Bible Study called Forgiven and Set Free at our local Pregnancy Center where I later volunteered and led other women through the Bible Study to find healing.

Since then, God has used my abortion experience and me in ways that I would have never imagined. I have co-founded a Pregnancy Resource Center and have been Executive Director for over 20 years now, sharing with women all the options of an unexpected pregnancy. I have written, with God’s inspiration, “Whispers From The Womb” a small book of poems from babies in the womb to different people that may have found themselves involved in an abortion. One poem, “Please Mommy Please”, became part of my testimony, because had I heard those words, I do not believe I would have chosen abortion. I pray that many women or even men who have been affected by abortion can find healing and accept forgiveness through Christ when visiting my website www.whispersfromthewomb.com. But most of all, I pray that many babies will be saved, and their voices heard through Whispers From The Womb.

Over the years, through my service at Franklin Life Pregnancy Resource Center, I would call it my baby that God had placed me over to raise. Well, Franklin Life turned 18 years old last year and with that God placed another ministry in my heart, Righteous Rock Refuge, Inc. (The Refuge). The Refuge is being built and will serve as an immediate short-term shelter for a woman or girl in a homeless situation.

I have shared only a small portion of the beautiful things God has done with such an ugly decision I chose so many years ago.

Isaiah 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of The Lord, that He might be glorified.

Tina and her husband Darrell were happily married January 1993 and have three grown children. They enjoy thrifting together and spending time with their grandkids. Tina is Executive Director of Franklin Life Pregnancy Resource, Center, Inc. and has recently founded a new ministry called Righteous Rock Refuge, Inc. a homeless shelter for women and girls.